10 Best iPad Utility Apps

December 31, 2013

The utilities section in the App Store can sometimes become a dumping ground for apps that don’t fit in elsewhere. Not with those on this list, as these utility apps will improve your iPad in several ways, adding some productivity tools and other lifestyle enhancements.

Delivery Status touch, a package tracker

delivery status

Waiting for a delivery usually involves impatiently refreshing the browser hundreds of times per day. Give your computer a rest with Delivery Status touch, which will scan barcodes and track progress within the application. Then just fire the app back up or get push alerts for information about your package.



Calcbot is the work of the Taproots team, which is responsible for the excellent TweetBot Twitter app on iOS and the Mac. Like the team’s other applications, Calcbot offers clean design and is a very functional calculator. It includes a history tape for keeping track of past calculations and a one-swipe gesture to enable more advanced functions.

Rise Alarm Clock


Rise Alarm Clock goes beyond the basic functionality that comes built in with the iPad’s clock app. Rise allows for easy setting and turning off of the alarm with gestures, eliminating the need to fumble for your device to kill the alarm. It also offers an elegant clock design that can function on a nightstand.



PCalc offers the kind of flexibility and power needed for scientists, engineers, programmers, or others working with higher-level math. PCalc makes a free version that should be enough for the average user, while the full edition is for those who want access to more sophisticated calculations.



Delivered is another solid option for tracking packages from your iPad. It has a very iOS 7 friendly interface with minimalist fonts and use of translucence. It connects to all major delivery services, bringing you push notifications to track the package’s journey.

The Converted by ideon


While you can always do a unit conversion through a Google search, it may be faster to perform this task by quickly launching a dedicated app. The Converted does rapid conversions and does so in a great-looking app, which may be the first time unit conversion and aesthetics have been effectively combined.

Scanner Pro by Readdle


Scanner Pro is a top notch program for scanning content with your iPad. Use it to scan documents, images, or other kinds of material. The files can be saved as PDFs and uploaded to Dropbox, Evernote, or other popular cloud services.



In an era of increasing security risks, 1Password is an excellent option making your online accounts less vulnerable to hacking. The app does this by generating ultra-secure passwords for your accounts, though you only need to remember one master password to sign in. Along with an iPad app it will work across Mac, Windows desktops and Android phones.

Battery Life Magic Pro


Battery specifics is usually the realm of Android devices, but with Battery Life Magic Pro iPad users can get in on some of the diagnostic action. Battery Life Magic Pro offers a more specific breakdown of your battery usage, which can help determine how to maximize battery life.

Living Earth – Clock & Weather


Sure, you can find out what time it is from the default clock app on the iPad, but why not get it with a 3D simulation of the planet? Gaze at the real-time darkness while finding out the time anywhere on the globe. A great show piece app to impress friends and colleagues.


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