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The Kindle Fire tablet has been available for just under two months. It’s time to take a look at the app eco system with an eye towards productivity and business.



Thankfully one of the best productivity apps of all time, is available for the Kindle Fire. It is one of the few Kindle Fire optimized apps and has the same functionality as other mobile versions.



This news app will keep you in the know. Information can be swiped from side to side for a large intake of information in a short period of time. The news feeds are also highly customizable, from loading your Google Reader to just about any other website or feed you can find.

Documents To Go 3.0


This is a fantastic file viewing application for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, and is FREE. Upgrade to the full version for $14.99 and you can edit and create Microsoft documents and view PDFs



This productivity app allows you to draw on pictures to mock them up and create your very own original sketches, notes, etc. Unfortunately, the current Kindle Fire has no camera, but you can still use images from your gallery and from some apps like Quickoffice.

Quickoffice Pro


Create, view, edit Microsoft Office documents with this application. You can also access numerous cloud repositories like DropBox, Google Docs and more. PDF viewing enabled as well.

Read It Later Pro


Great for when you have no connectivity and want catch up on some web reading. This app allows you to access web pages offline and share them later.

LogMeIn Ignition


Take your home computer with you on your Kindle Fire. This app allows you to access your home or work computer to have access to important documents, emails, etc. that you might need in a pinch. You can also remotely run desktop applications on the fly.



Since DropBox is not yet available for the Kindle Fire, this app fills the void, offering cloud document storage and easy retrieval for free.