Best new Android apps: Remember everything you type; put the power of an attorney on your tablet

February 28, 2014

Type Machine

Type Machine remembers everything you type and saves it in case it is needed later. It works across a vast majority of the major apps in Google Play, such as Gmail, Keep, Hangouts, and others. It creates a very convenient archive of what you have written for later retrieval.

For security you can set a PIN lock on the history list and enable automatic deletion of text after a specific period of time passes.

The only caveat is that if you are using a Samsung Tablet, the Type Machine developers caution that it may not work as well, citing an issue with the Samsung software that runs alongside Android.

TinyScan Pro

Turn your tablet into a PDF scanner and keep better track of what often ends up being an unmanageable amount of paper that the workday creates. Scan files into grayscale or color and then send them to one of the major cloud services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, or Box.

The app also works on phones, so you can scan in case your tablet gets left behind.

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With Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, the messaging space is hotter than ever. Telegram is a fast-growing alternative given its heightened focus on security.

Just like the other options in the messaging race, it offers cross-platform functionality and syncing across devices. However, Telegram offers a unique feature called Secret Chats, which has end-to-end encryption so only the recipient can read a message.

The app is not as polished as other choices, but a messaging app that puts an increased focus on security is certainly a worthy choice.

Your POA

Inevitably there may be a moment when you need to create a Power of Attorney agreement. A new app has created that functionality right from your device.

It is probably worth a little caution before relying on this as the sole solution for a legal matter, but at a mere $0.99 it's a handy legal option to have on your tablet. 

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