Best new Android apps: Get link sharing analytics, track device app usage & plan projects

March 7, 2014

Google URL Shortener

Many social services like Twitter will automatically shorten links when sharing them. However, if you want to track clicks or get other analytics information then check out the Google URL Shortener Android app.

The application shortens links with, the Mountain View company’s official shortener service. You can then track various metrics information in attractive graphics. The app also uses a card-based UI, following the trend of much Android design.

App Habits

If you want to learn more about what you spend time doing on your tablet, then check out App Habits. It collects data on your app usage habits, breaking it down by date and time to provide a clearer picture of what you spend your time on. While it has a great tablet interface, it also works well on Android phones.

App Habits also creates a useful launch pad inside the app of your most frequently-used applications for quicker access.

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It has been a lengthy wait, but the popular project management tool Basecamp now has a proper Android app. Fortunately the wait has paid off, as the app is very comprehensive with much of the tools offered by the web site. Check in on project status or add comments to the discussion boards.

Note of caution: it only supports accounts created with the new Basecamp (from March 2012) forward. Classic accounts will not work with the Android app.


Share is the cross-platform answer to Apple’s proprietary AirDrop. It creates a simple method for wirelessly sharing many files types with anyone who has the app: be it Anrdoid, iOS, Windows, or OS X.

Android tablet users can share a presentation, picture, movie, or even a file stored in their Google Drive with another device. The technology allows sharing as long as the devices are nearby: no need to be on the same wireless network.

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