Best New Android Apps: Remote desktop, a better camera, and quickly switch from web to app

April 18, 2014

Chrome Remote Desktop

Many remote desktop apps are a challenge to use and feature a clunky interface. Chrome Remote Desktop, however, makes it easy to control your Mac or PC from an Android tablet.

Just install the app from the Play Store, and then download the accompanying extension for the Chrome browser on your computer. I found it to connect very quickly and offer rapid control of the desktop with minimal lag.

Google Camera

Google was busy this week, this time putting its own camera app in the Play Store. If you use a phablet or frequently take pictures with your dedicated tablet then this is worth grabbing as its feature set may help in capturing what you need on camera.

It has a vastly improved interface from the original stock Android camera, increasing the size of the shutter button and making a panorama or Photosphere shot available from a quick swipe. It also has a new feature called Lens Blur, which can blur the background or foreground of a photo.


The hugely popular iOS email app has finally come to Android just over a year after debuting in the App Store. While the app is not yet fully optimized for larger tablets, it could be useful for those who get a lot of their email done on a phablet.

Mailbox is built to triage your inbox, allowing you to swipe away emails for archival, deletion, or to check out later.

Hover Browser

Much like the recently poplar Link Bubble, Hover Browser tries to speed up the process of viewing a link when opened from an email or social media application.

Hover Browser launches while keeping the current application open, so you can read or share the content without needing to hit the back button several times or switch applications. You can also open multiple links into resizable windows, allowing for easy multi-tasking with different windows.

Root Explorer

True Android power users will find Root Explorer to be a powerful tool. Fresh off a new update, Root Explorer puts the entirety of the Android file system at your fingertips.

If you are a developer who wants to dig into the operating system’s files or just want to have the flexibility to access specific folders then it is worth downloading – especially if you have rooted your device.


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