Best New iPad Apps: Amazon Instant Video, your Mac on iPad, and easy photo uploads

August 2, 2012

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon's video store lands on the iPad—sort of. Now you can watch rented or purchased video downloads from Amazon. Additionally, Amazon Prime members who have ponied up $79 a year for faster shipping can choose from a library of 120,000 TV shows and movies for free.

To skirt Apple's rules about getting a cut of in-app purchases, Amazon Instant Video is a bit cumbersome. Like the iOS Kindle app, you'll have to buy and search for video on Amazon's website, and then go back to Amazon's app to watch your content.


Presence puts your entire Mac on your iPad. Use the desktop version ($40) on your Mac, and then this free companion app lets you access all of your files from your iPad, in a simple, Finder– like view.

You can view your files on the go, or download them to your iPad for off-line viewing. And since you're accessing your Mac directly, there's no waiting for anything to upload or sync.

This update includes improved Retina graphics, as well as better file-management when using files with external apps.

The Last Shot

Apple's iCloud can automatically send pictures from your iPad to a Mac or PC. If you need a bit more flexibility, The Last Shot can send your last photo (or any other one you select) to your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, or Dropbox account. It can also send images to a pre-defined email address.

The process is quick, only takes a few taps, and lets you easily post and archive shots to multiple services at once. If you're frequently uploading images to different cloud services, The Last Shot is an amazing time-saver.


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