Best New iPad Apps: Browse two websites at once, tweak calendars & collaborate with co-workers

September 13, 2013
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SplitBrowser is for multi-taskers

SplitBrowser may not be the newest app in town but – having stumbled across it earlier this week – I thought I’d bring it to your attention should you have had enough with Safari or Chrome.

The app ($1.99, iTunes) comes with a simple aim of delivering two web pages at the same time. There are two web pages, two independent toolbars and a moveable division bar which can be used to resize your pages – both in portrait or landscape mode.

So, why would you use SplitBrowser? Well, you might want to stream a video in one screen while checking emails in another, or listen to music while the surf the web. [As an aside, you can choose to go full-screen when watching videos].

As you would expect, SplitBrowser enables users to zoom, scroll, open pages, hyperlinks and videos with just a tap, but there are some neater, more unique, features.

For instance, the app remembers and displays the last two websites you were on when you re-open the app, while the address bar details recently visited websites.

If SplitBrowser doesn’t take your fancy, check out our recent feature on the 5 best browsers for Apple’s iPad.

Calendar 5

Readdle updated its highly-rated Calendar iOS app this week, bringing it to version 5.0.

Replacing the Calendar+ app that came to market in May, Calendar 5 for iPhone and iPad sees the introduction of a new user interface which is geared up specifically for iOS 7 and for highlighting your upcoming events.

Readdle explains that the app also boasts new viewing modes, offline support, natural language input for quickly creating events and a new powerful task manager that syncs with iOS reminders.

Calendars 5 is now available from the App Store at an introductory price of $4.99. The firm's entry-level Calendar app, is still free to download.

Talkboard: Tablet collaboration app for work & play

I write a lot on TabTimes about collaboration, specifically with tablets in mind, but there actually few apps that concentrate on tablet-to-tablet collaboration.

Aiming to fill that void is Citrix’s Talkboard (free, iTunes), which is now on version 1.0.2 and available for free from the App Store.

The mission of the app is simple enough; enabling users to create and collaborate on projects with notes and sketches.

Users are asked to log-in via Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook, and after the log-in the app presents a minimalist landing page with a blank page and icons at the bottom for inviting collaborators (over email, and recipients must install Talkboard on their iPad), adding a new page and deleting a project.

When editing a page, there is a handful of digital tools to play with, namely a pen, pencil and paint brush, but there’s a large array of colors to choose from and some handy shortcuts for undoing, redoing and exiting to the home page.

Talkboard is promoted as being for white boarding, note-taking, brainstorming, presentations and diagrams, both for business and work. That said, I found this app to be better suited for leisure users than on-the-go business folk.


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