Best New iPad Apps: Create stunning photo albums, manage tasks & share shopping lists

July 26, 2013

Memorability lets you make beautiful photo albums

Back in a bygone age you could flick through photographs in a physical photobook that was probably accumulating dust on the shelf or in the attic.

Today, these books are increasingly rare because of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but a new iPad app called Memorability is trying to change that.

The new iPad photo book app enables users to create and share digital photo books with family and friends for up to 30 days.

There is however no option to print these digital books.

That doesn’t detract from what is a very slick app which allows users to create these photo books with pre-designed templates, their own photos (from the iPad or from Facebook) and even add a voice narrative over the top.

Photo books can be shared with friends and family over Facebook or via email, while viewers can comment on the books in Memorability.

While the app is free, you can upgrade to the premium account ($3.99) which sees the introduction of more color themes, while albums are no longer capped at just 5 pages.

Before you get started with Memorability, it is well-worth going through the short tutorial, which details just where you can find the tools for creating, editing and sharing photo books, as well as upgrading to the premium service.

Todoist adds native iPad support

Popular task management app Todoist this week updated its iOS app to version 6.0, a change which brings about native iPad support and several other improvements.

The iPad support means that Todoist is no longer only optimized for just iPhone and iPhone and instead sees the introduction of a new user-friendly sidebar menu and a new inbox for getting to tasks faster than before. 

On signing up, you’re required to register for an account or sign in with your Google credentials but on doing that you’ll land on a fairly neat landing page with a simple menu down the side detailing tasks and projects that need doing in the next seven days.

To the right, the majority of the screen shows the tasks that need completing today, and there is a small ‘+’ button for creating a new task at the top. You can complete a task by simply swiping from right to left.

The app is free to download from the App Store but you can also upgrade in-app to Todoist Premium, which costs $28.99 per year. This entitles you to numerous features – across all platforms – including task notes, reminders, back-ups, advanced labels and more.

Buy Me A Pie is a tasty-looking grocery list app

Buy Me A Pie isn’t just an app with an eye-catching name, but something which can help you when creating, editing and ticking off items you need to get from the grocery store or supermarket.

It is in essence a very simple app. After going through a quick tutorial, the home screen just shows a small white box entitled ‘shopping list’ with a long grey bar at the top for adding new items.

You can do this by typing the item directly and then adding colons to separate them from others, or by selecting the pre-defined list of items to the right of the grey bar.

To edit an item you simply tap and hold, and to delet you swipe to the right of the screen. Tapping just once will strike-out the item, which is useful if you've just picked it up and put it in your trolley.

But arguably the killer feature of Buy Me A Pie ($2.99, iTunes) is the ability to create and share lists with friends and family by creating an account. The fact that the app also works offline is very useful if you’re taking your iPad, iPad mini or iPhone to the shops.


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