Best New iPad Apps: Read news on Reuters, learn business jargon, get your kids reading eBooks & relax after work

March 22, 2013

Reuters iPad app delivers news from the world

Reuters this week launched a free news app, which is simply called “Reuters”.

The app has been subject to some mixed reviews, including one which labelled it “hard-to-navigate”, but this was not a problem when I tested it.

On opening Reuters, you are presented with the latest news stories from around the world. The landing page is headed up by one leading image, followed by a list of news articles. You’ll need to scroll down these as if you were checking your Twitter feeds, which is slightly less intuitive than horizontal scrolling.

Nonetheless, diving into articles requires just one touch, while bringing up news categories (Home, World, Politics, Business, Tech, Market News) is as easy as swiping from the left of the screen. Readers can add articles to the ‘Saved Stories’ section by starring the page, or share stories out to friends and family over Facebook, Twitter and email.

There are a few other handy features, including the ability to follow companies in the ‘Watchlist’ section. You can also set the app to pre-load articles for offline reading via the 'Settings' menu.

Reuters is functional rather than spellbinding but if you’re looking for hard and fast news, this app will more than do the job. The iPad application is now free from the App Store.

Confused by business jargon? This app can help you out

Business jargon like “hitting the sweet spot” and “sweat equity” can be confusing if English isn't your first language.

That is a problem that the Language Success Press, a publisher of accent reduction and business English materials, is hoping to irradiate with the new Business English Power Idioms iPad app ($3.99, iTunes).

The app teaches users over 100 American English idioms that are useful for business and gives two usage examples for each expression. These usage examples are taken from real-life situations in the business world and come from some big names too, including Amazon, LinkedIn, Kickstarter and Pandora.

App users are tested on their knowledge, and can also set what expressions they would like to keep learning about. Furthermore, users can drill-down into these business terms by sector, including marketing, finance, management and start-ups.

The app works on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and is now available on the App Store for $3.99.

Bookboard aims to get your children reading

Bookboard is a subscription service for children’s books and this week it launched an iPad app for parents, teachers and children to gain access to its library of over 300 books.

These books are aimed at children aged between 2 and 7 years old, and the iPad app enables parents to establish individual parents for each of their children. They can also track their reading progress and adjust the reading difficult as they see fit.

A key differentiator of Bookboard is that it essentially incentivizes children to keep reading by offering up more stories as they read, while it also adjusts the books it recommends as a child’s interests and reading level change over time.

The app (free, iTunes) also supports Audio Books, while an offline mode means no Internet connection is required to open books that have already been started.

Bookboard doesn’t come that cheap however, with a month-to-month subscription costing $8.99. Alternatively, you can get a six-month subscription at a more affordable rate of $29.94, with this opening up access to all Bookboard content for up to four readers per iPad.

Take some time out with the 5 minute Chillout app

For something a little different and perhaps best used after work or before bed, try the 5 minute Chillout app from Olsson Applications.

It may sport a rather basic user interface, with virtual touchscreen buttons for adjusting volume, pausing sessions and getting additional information, but the 5 minute Chillout app is great for those looking to relax.

The app gives you the option to listen to a session prior to going to bed or for when you are waking up, with these sessions mixing tranquil music and soothing voiceovers which prompt you on everything from breathing techniques to physical stretches.

The 5 minute Chillout app is now available from the App Store for $1.99.


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