Best New iPad Apps: Sort email faster with Gmail, check finances with Mint & stash items in a digital scrapbook

November 15, 2013

Flip through emails faster on Gmail

Google this week released a pretty significant update for iPhone and iPad, which not only brought about iOS 7 support but also some handy tools for responding to emails themselves.

The iPhone app has had some minor tweaks such a new side navigation bar, but it is the iPad where things look considerably different.

You should note the new slimmed down navigation bar to the left which lets people easily switch between accounts and inboxes at the bottom left of the page, and the excellent full-screen mode for composing emails and viewing messages.

An added bonus is the ability to search for emails even quicker with predictions as you type while Google adds that the iPad app also offers “better scrolling” although this wasn’t immediately obvious.

Get the big picture of your finances with Mint

Another excellent app to get updated this week was Mint’s personal finance app for iOS (free, iTunes).

Redesigned with a flatter user interface to match the look and feel of iOS 7, Mint now promises to do the usual stuff but plus one neat new feature – the ability to get an overview of all your spending.

“Trends” has always allowed you to track income, net worth and spending habits and while that’s allowed you to track individual purchases, it’s been lacking in giving you the overall picture.

That’s changed now though with the sector now able to drilldown into spending by category, spending over time and serve up net income charts.

The app, which is free from the App Store, also now lets you manually add cash purchases and push pending check transactions into certain categories. Mint – which claims to be the “best free way to manage your money” — also claims to have made various bug fixes.

Curator is a scrapbook for the digital age

Curator is a new iPad app with an interesting take in how people store information. It’s not a straightforward note-taking service – like OneNote or Evernote – and yet at the same time it wouldn’t be amiss to see the app being used for similar things.

Put simply, Curator is for people who want to collect all kinds of things over the Internet and store them in one place. You might want to add a live web page, a text note or maybe images from your camera, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Doing as such is very easy. The home page is essentially a pin board and you can fill these ‘cells’ by tapping on them and then adding your content. You can drag cells around should you want to, delete them, and add notes in the bottom right hand corner.

There are some limitations to the app, one of which is the portrait-only mode, but it’s a worthy a try. The app is free to download and that allows you to create up to five notebooks. After that, you’ll be forced to pay.


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