Best New iPad Apps: Path comes to tablets, Google Search rivals Siri, Paper gets an update & a new video curator

November 2, 2012

Path finally comes to the iPad

Path, the "personal" social network headed up by former Facebook developer Dave Morin, has finally updated its iOS app for native iPad support.

Having enjoyed strong success with the iPhone over the last two years, the support for iPad will give out the usual Path features, namely the ability to interact with friends, upload photos and check-in at locations. And as before, users will also be able to share what books they are reading or movies they are watching.

One of the newer features however – and one that is especially applicable to the iPad – is the new ‘Life in Landscape’ mode, which basically turns the app into a photo collage of recent images from your timeline.

Google updates Search for iOS

Google this week claimed that it had improved its universal Search app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) with “enhanced voice search” so you can essentially get your results without typing.

Version 2.5 of the app (free, iTunes) in all brings about this improved voice recognition, on-the-go text streaming (for the iPhone) and can offer answers to questions in a spoken voice, just like Siri.

The voice recognition part is pretty simple to use and very responsive, but it clearly responds better to some results than others. Ask for simple terms like ‘Eastern Time’ or ‘Tim Cook’ and you’ll get the right response, but other searches can be difficult to get right. Searching for 'TabTimes', for example, proved to be quite difficult.

Paper drawing app turns a new page

As profiled before here on TabTimes, FiftyThree’s Paper (free, iTunes) drawing iPad app has been a sensation since its launch earlier in the year.

However, for all its slick array of tools and impressive editing accuracy, even the best of apps have to continuously update, something FiftyThree has done with version 1.2.1 of Paper.

Now you’ll get the chance to pick and mix colors (with an in-app purchase of $1.99), improved pressure sensitivity (FiftyThree is also pushing support for the $79.95 Pogo Connect stylus from Ten One Design) and three new color palettes that have been ‘hand-crafted’ by color experts.

Link TV curates your favorite news videos

Offering the latest news from around the world in the form of videos, Link TV’s new free iPad app (free, iTunes) is a useful application for getting up to date in the quickest way.

The app features a Top Stories landing page where users can pick through the latest global news videos from 125 video news sources, including Reuters, CNN, The New York Times and the BBC, while swiping away from this screen gives a world map that connects all the stories by location.

There is the opportunity to personalize news feeds by topics, follow on-going stories through the 'My Link' section, and articles with friends via social networks. It's not all hard and fast news however, with LinkTV also showing a number of documentaries.


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