Best New iPad Apps: Huffington Post, text editing with iAWriter, a better Gmail & Amazon audiobooks

February 22, 2013
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Huffington Post for iPad gets a reboot

Huffington Post this week re-released its iPad app and claimed that it had redesigned the application from the ground-up.

As a result, the app features a new design and interface as well as new ways of controlling content. For example, a two-finger swipe brings up the menu, a quick pinch meanwhile closes an article.

The new Huffington Post app is also very rich when it comes to perusing media content and interacting with content. You can view full-screen photo slideshows, pull up video archives, comment on stories and search for articles all while in the app.

On arriving at the Huffington Post home screen you can view sections using the menu sidebar and share articles to friends via Facebook, Twitter or Google+. I did sometimes find that it took a while loading the main story on the home page, however.

Huffington Post for iPad (and iPad mini) is now available across the globe and for free from the App Store.

Retooled iAWriter adds improvements to text editing

The simple but effective iAWriter is one of the best text editors available for the iPad, and has been improved yet again with a new update.

Version 1.8 brings about a fresh user interface, support for iCloud syncing and several improvements to text editing, scrolling, the file browser and conflict resolution.

The universal iOS app (which also works on iPhone) also adds an accessory keyboard for the keyboard on the iPad and an optimized landscape mode. The keyboard also appears to closer represent a traditional QWERTY keyboard than it did before.

iAWriter can now be downloaded from the App Store for $0.99.

Bored of Gmail? You should definitely use Birdseye Mail

Let’s face it; emailing on whatever device is a pretty laborious task. You have to sift through hundreds of irrelevant emails and the format is hardly attractive.

The new Birdseye Mail app (free, iTunes) attempts to change all that. On entering your Gmail or Google Apps you are presented with a visual stream of your emails that you can slide through as you would with news on Flipboard.

Each email shows embedded pictures and the majority of the text, but what is really neat about the app is the reply button below.

In fact, calling it simply a ‘reply’ button is misleading. For as well as the usual array of email tools (compose, reply, reply to all, forward, favorite, delete) you can actually do more  like visit the websites relating to the email, place bids at auction, follow back on Twitter or unsubscribe from newsletters.

If you’d like further email options, you can even send your suggestions to the developer, the New York-based DE DE, while you can dive into specific models on the Birdseye home screen.

Audible brings Audiobooks to the iPad

Amazon-owned Audible this week updated its audiobook iOS app so that it natively supports the iPad (free, iTunes).

The move comes as little surprise – the firm says that more than 20% of its customers already use the Audiobooks iPhone app on the iPad.

As with the iPhone app, Audiobooks on iPad lets users listen to books on the go. There is a selection of over 80,000 titles to choose from and after downloading the free app, getting these books is as easy to transferring them to your iPad over WiFi.

Readers can sync books across from their Amazon account or from iTunes, while the app has a neat profile section for showing how often you listen to books.

When listening to your audiobook, there are a variety of controls, such as bookmarking a page, varying the navigation speed and navigating chapters. You can also connect to Facebook or Twitter to let your friends know what you’re listening to.

Audiobooks is free to try for 30 days and with this you get a free audiobook.


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