Best New iPad Apps: Manage tasks, check Gmail with Mailbox & view your Twitter timeline like a magazine

June 21, 2013

Task adds iCloud to improve task management

Task management apps for the iPad are a dime a dozen but some are more useful than others, and that certainly applies to Task which this week updated to version 2.0.

This latest version sees minor bug fixes as well as the integration of Apple’s iCloud so that you can automatically sync your to-do list to other iDevices.

Simplicity is really at the core of what is good about Task ($0.99, iTunes) with the touch-friendly gestures making it fast and easy to use.

For instance, creating a new task simply requires one tap on the screen, while users can complete or delete a task by swiping to the right or left, respectively.

You can also long press to move an item up or down in terms of priority (the timeline is organized with present items at the bottom, future to-do items on top), and pull up from the bottom of the screen to view previous completed tasks.

When creating a task, you are invited to enter text, set a completion date and an optional reminder if you choose to.

Mailbox now works in portrait mode

Having been a success on iPhone and iPod Touch since February, the developers of Mailbox brought the email app to the iPad last month and it has generally been well-received.

Most users seemed pretty pleased with the ability to swipe emails to archive, trash to lists or to snooze emails until a later time .

There was however one flaw — the app only worked in landscape orientation.

Fortunately, portrait mode has now been added to the app on version 1.3.1, with the view showing a sidebar menu, the inbox panel and the message view sliding in to and out of view for optimal display.

The app is now available for free from the App Store.

Kurately wants to filter out the noise on Twitter

There are a number of excellent Twitter iPad apps out there – just check out our recent list – but even the best fail to do one important thing – filter out the noise and show you only the most important information.

That’s where Kurately comes in.

On opening the app and linking it to your Twitter accounts, you can select ‘tweeps’ you are following and then swipe through their tweets, referenced web links and media attachments as you would with a digital magazine like Flipboard.

Kurately, now on version 1.1.0, is however far from perfect. The user interface could be faster, slicker and generally more detailed, while there is a surprising lack of sharing options.

All that said, Kurately is an innovative app which is attempting to change how you consume content on social networking sites.


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