Best New iPad Apps: Sophisticated email, slicker presentations and social video calling

March 8, 2013

Incredimail makes email less painful

A recent study showed just how much time iPad owners spend on email and it was a pretty startling figure given one true fact: email on iPad isn’t all that great.

The new Incredimail iPad app from the developers at Perion (who actually conducted the earlier study) aims to change that.

Put simply, Incredimail aims to bring together your email from separate accounts and display them in an eye-catching manner.

You can sign in with your Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL email accounts and others (IMAP email accounts are supported, POP3 accounts are not) and also connect to Facebook to pin photos beside email contacts. As it happens, images embedded in the email are often displayed as the contact photo.

Website links are also previewed in emails, while conversations that have been going on for some time are displayed as an email thread, a necessity certainly if it is business related.

As you would expect, there are options for refreshing the inbox, sending items to the trash and opening up other email folders.

Sending emails is just as painless as viewing them and one of the neater features is the ability to personalize outbound messages in the format of a traditional postcard or another stylish template.

Incredimail is now available for free from the App Store.

Haiku Deck update brings new tricks to tablet presentations

TabTimes reviewed Haiku Deck for iPad recently, and came away thoroughly impressed with what was a very slick presentation app that was easy to use when editing or showing off presentations.

Today, the Seattle-based company has released a new update for the application and new features include tools for adding pie and bar charts, bulleted and numbered lists as well as the chance to edit uploaded photos (from the camera, Dropbox, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Google Drive or Facebook).

Worth noting too that while the presentations are created on the iPad, they can be exported so you can show them on other mobile devices, laptops and other screens, and in several file formats too. Furthermore, they can be sent out via email or over social networks.

Haiku Deck is free on the App Store but relies on a freemium model to make money. By this, the developer charges for additional template themes via in-app purchases.

Tango brings social video calling to the iPad

Tango, the company with an iPhone and Android apps able to make video calls, phone calls, text messages and even play games, has had a good time of late.

The California-based firm yesterday hit 100 million regular users, up from 75 million in November, and recently received $87 million in outside funding. Further good news came this week that the Tango iPhone app now supports iPad too.  

The free app, available today from the App Store, does what you’d expect if you already use Tango. You can make video voicemails (a feature only just coming to Skype) and send picture, voice, video messages and even games to Tango friends over WiFi, 3G and 4G. Indeed, you can even play games during calls.

Those looking to use the app will need to create an account but this takes no time at all and you can then try and find friends that are already using the service. When testing the app, we found that it only works in portrait mode however.

What’s great about Tango is that most features are free. All video and audio calls are free, as are messages and calls and messages to other countries.


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