Best New iPad Apps for iOS 7: Devour news with Pulse, sort reminders with Todoist & make Skype conference calls

October 11, 2013

Read the latest news faster than before with Pulse

Pulse already has a fine reputation as far as news aggregation apps are concerned, and was winner of an Apple Design Award last year.

The firm, which is now under the ownership of LinkedIn following the acquisition in April, this week updated its Pulse iPad app (free, iTunes) so that it is optimized for iOS 7.

The core functionality remains the same; you can still add your favorite sources, integrate with social networks and read when offline. You can still swipe between articles in the grid-like format, and peruse saved stories as well as add new sources from the left-hand bar.

The difference this time that the user interface is now geared up for iOS 7 and that Pulse also now downloads new content in the background while you read other stories. This means that the latest articles are instantly available when you open the application.

Todoist will sync your reminders automatically in the background

Todoist is one of my favorite apps; it’s clean, uncluttered and easy to use and makes creating and assorting through reminders a whole lot easier. My only complaint is that the app remains only available on Android, iOS, Windows and web, and not available for Windows Phone 8.

This week, the developers behind the app (free, iTunes) indicated that it now has now been updated to support Apple’s iOS 7.

New features include a “radically modified look and feel”, while updates now sync automatically in the background to your other devices at least six times a day for free users, or continuously if you're a paying customer.

Skype gets slick makeover

Another app which this week jumped up to support iOS 7 was Microsoft’s Skype, which now boasts a refreshed look as well as numerous new and handy accessibility features.

The app, now on version 4.13, sees Microsoft make various bug fixes as well as introduce a new dialpad with touchtype support. Furthermore, the VoiceOver feature neatly announces the senders name when messaging  and there has also been an improvement to VoiceOver for group chats.

Skype for iPad is free to download from the Apple App Store.


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