Best New iPad Apps for iOS 7: Read with Flipboard, doodle with Skitch & play games remotely with your kids

September 27, 2013
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Flipboard suits up to support Apple’s new design language

It’s been a busy and pretty productive couple of weeks for Flipboard. The news aggregator recently received $50 million in fresh investment, is now said to be valued at around $800 million and is gearing up to launch a Windows 8 app. Furthermore, the firm has also just updated its iOS app to iOS 7.

As you’d expect considering the new design language and parallax effects on apple’s latest mobile operating system, Flipboard (free, iTunes) content really comes to life on iOS 7. As just one example, the full-screen magazine covers now support parallax so that more of the image is shown as you tilt your iPhone or iPad.

There’s also more iOS 7-style controls and “flatter” images. The general user interface seems sharper, less cluttered, while the new iOS 7 typography makes text stand out.

Flipboard, meanwhile, claims to have improved the speed of the app and says that you can now delete unwanted comments directly in your magazines as well as report inappropriate users.

Evernote’s Skitch is for better & faster communication

Evernote has also been pretty busy this last week. It struck a partnership with 3M's Post-It Notes, announced new Moleskine notebooks and even its intention to start selling physical products, like backpacks and socks.

By comparison, news of its new Skitch iOS annotation app almost went undetected.

Now supporting iOS 7, Skitch 3 for iPhone and iPad (free, iTunes) has been completely designed and offers a new tool layout, a new Quick Shot Mode to get annotating quicker than before (some may, however, found the new arrow design to be annoying however) and a greater variety of sharing options.

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Skitch, which has a new logo too, also lets you add a caption by tapping the bottom field of an image.

And there’s certainly not shortage of sharing options. In addition to the usual social networks, you can share images to nearby iOS 7 devices with AirDrop, save them to an Evernote account and even push them to meeting attendees.

If you're interested in doing the latter, you will need to hit the Send to Meeting option and then select which meeting attendees they would like to send the image to.

Ustyme is great for keeping in contact with your children

Here’s an app for those of you away from your children on a regular basis; a new video-calling iPad app which lets you play together on games remotely.

That app is called Ustyme and it essentially overlays fun games, books and other activities on top of some standard video calling features. The aim is to make the call more fun that it would be using Skype or Google Hangouts.

The app is free but you can download games like Checkers, 4-in-a-Row and Rock, Paper, Scissors for a minimal fee (usually around $0.99) and then play these with each other.

There’s also the option to download a number of books for young children, including The Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Little Red Hen.

The app’s view is split by Home, Contacts, My Stuff and the Ustyme store. You have to sign up for an Ustyme account either by email, Google or with your Facebook account.

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