Best New iPad Apps: USA Today gets updated, LogMeIn, Nokia Maps & virtual running for marathon fanatics

November 23, 2012

USA Today gets a revamp

USA Today’s iPad app has received a generally lukewarm reception since launching back in 2010, so it is to little surprise that the media giant has now revamped the app with a new user interface and new features.

Claiming to have “rethought the app from the ground up”, USA Today apparently looked into how tablets were used for news consumption at different times of the day before redesigning the iPad app.

As a result, the USA Today iPad app now features bigger images, ‘more visual’ storytelling, live video coverage, constantly updated headlines and interactive weather mapping as well as news commentary.

Another great new feature is the new ability for users to personalize their home screen with the news they want to see. The app is available for free from the App Store and is also optimized for Apple’s 7.9-inch iPad mini.

LogMeIn adds Dropbox support

There are a whole host of VPN apps out there for the iPad but LogMeIn is probably one of the better known brands.

The firm recently updated its free iPad and iPhone app (version 3.2.1193) with subtle performance enhancements as well as Dropbox support for file sharing.

That aside, the core functionality remains the same for accessing and editing documents on your home or work computers, with users still able to remotely run any PC application from their iPad or iPhone, fix any PC problems and use the File Manager to transfer files between devices. Remote printing through AirPlay is also supported.

The app is available from the App Store (free, iTunes).

Fed up with maps on iOS 6? Nokia Here can help you out

What with Apple’s maps client an unmitigated disaster on iOS 6 and Google’s returning iOS maps application still some months away, Nokia is hoping to seize a gap in the market with Nokia Here (free, iTunes).

Now available for all iOS devices including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Nokia Here offers walking directions (unlike Apple), community maps in selected areas, as well as details for public transportation, offline support and the chance to share maps via social networks.

The offline support is a particular coup as it enables users to download maps for a particular region locally to their iPad.

Virtual Runner wants to pair up your iPad and gym treadmill

'Fun' isn't a word you would associate with running on a treadmill but all that could change if Boston start-up Outside Interactive has its way.

Using patent-pending forward motion video technology, the firm’s innovative Virtual Runner iPad app lets users virtually run through locations including Central Park, the Washington Mall and the Australian Outback.

The app can be used alongside a normal treadmill, although runners will have to attach a footpod to their shoelaces and a wireless receiver into their iPad so the app can track running speeds and plot a route.

High-definition videos are presented in the runner’s point of view, with this speeding up or slowing down when the runner does the same.

The app also tracks overall running time, average pace, distance, cadence and heart rate (the latter providing the user wears an optional heart rate monitor), and is now available for $9.99 (iTunes). Videos range from $4.99 to $9.99.


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