Best New iPad Apps: Measure social media marketing, save notes to Dropbox and annotate PDFs

May 10, 2013

Captain Dash wants to make life easier for your CMO

Your company may be on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and use Google Analytics, but I’d bet managing all that is a laborious task.

It doesn’t have to be. French start-up Captain Dash recently launched an iPad app (free, iTunes) which aggregates all your real-time social media data and turns it into beautiful, interactive dashboards.

Captain Dash, which first launched for Windows 8, works lets you bring all your social media data to one dashboard by pressing the plus button at the bottom left of the screen and on doing that, you'll be given the option to add Facebook pages, Twitter, Google Analytics, Foursquare and Microsoft Atlas accounts.

The dashboard presents all this data on your own customized home screen and even gives the option for marketers to drill down into specific details via the Explorer option on the left-sided menu.

Save notes to Dropbox with iPad and iPhone

Dropbox may be your cloud storage solution but a new app shows that it could soon beat Evernote for note-taking too.

Write for Dropbox ($1.99, iTunes) is a refined text editor which first launched on the iPhone back in February before coming to the iPad this week.

As the name suggests, all notes are automatically saved to your Dropbox account but there is more to the app than that.

Users can create a new note by hitting the plus icon, while swiping to the right brings up a list of all synchronized notes. Even better, long-pressing any one of these gives you a quick snapshot of the contents, a useful tool if you want to check the progress on a piece of work and certain task.

All your notes are displayed on the left-hand side of the app, which also shows saved and favorited files at the top.

Creating these notes is pretty straightforward, as is changing the file name (you have to double-click on the header) but it is the virtual keyboard, different viewing modes and sharing options which give it the edge over text editor rivals like iA Writer.

There’s a toolbar at the top of the virtual keyboard for adding links, pictures and other things, while long-pressing with two fingers on a text area enables users to change the font, brightness or switch to night-time mode.

Furthermore, you can even use the app on both your iPad and iPhone at the same time, as one iOS device can be set-up to act as a remote clipboard or virtual keyboard.

Readdle improves annotation with PDF Expert

Productivity app developer Readdle has released a new update for PDF Expert for iPad.

Now on version 4.6, PDF Expert now sports an improved selection tool so you can work on several annotations at the same time, better shape tools (for changing the color and opacity of an object) and a new feature for copying existing annotations into a document or a separate file altogether.

Another new feature which is sure to delight business users is the new date picker, which allows users to mark down the time and data when annotating a PDF form. 

PDF Expert is free to update its 500,000 users, but costs $9.99 to new users from the App Store.


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