Best New iPad Apps: Notes for public speakers, Mindjet task management, tablet blogging and vinyl music 2.0

January 4, 2013
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Speeches wants your iPad to replace cue cards

Public speakers have previously had to rely on cue cards and other form of paper notes, but aiming to change that perception is developer Jennifer Venhorst.

Venhorst has just released version 1.1 of her easy to use app ($4.99, iTunes), Speeches, which allows users to make and read cue cards for public speaking engagements.

Initially designed for the iPhone, these digital cue cards can be prepared on either iOS device or imported via Mail or Dropbox. Cards can be prepared in different fonts (at different sizes), and presentations can be assigned to different categories (business or celebrations being two examples), while an onscreen meter at the bottom gives you the idea of how far along you are in your presentation.

These slides can be viewed as a list or in a full-screen mode that lets you swipe between the digital cue cards. The entire presentation can also be emailed out.

The app is now available for $4.99 and is available from the App Store.

Mindjet task management comes to iPad

Mindjet is a productivity app for creating plans and managing workflows and after coming to the iPhone last month has now launched on iPad (free, iTunes).

The app allows individuals to create new projects and for business teams to share and keep up to date with each other’s tasks, files and deadlines.

Mindjet enables users to make changes on the fly, get real-time updates on what colleagues are doing and to prioritize certain tasks over others.

Each tasks comes with a dial that can be adjusted to show how far along a particular task is, and there's even a way for increasing team bonding with workers able to congratulate their colleagues on a job well done.

There is also the chance to connect the Mindjet web and desktop, so all tasks are synced across all devices, while the iPad integrates with email.

Create content on the iPad using Tactilize

One of the persisting complaints about the iPad (and other tablets) is that while it’s great for consuming content, it’s not so versatile at creating it.

Tactilize is a relatively new platform trying to change that, with a real-time publishing platform just for the iPad.

The app (free, iTunes) launched in September, but a recent update means that users can create content ‘cards’ right on the iPad using the in-app editor.

Using the editor, bloggers, photographers and other creative folk can edit and input text, add media and links, as well as pictures and video from the likes of Flickr and Vimeo.

And drawing parallels with another blogging platform that recently launched on iPad, Tumblr, Tactilize members can follow friends, their favorite artists, media brands and more.

Tactilize says that you can “start business on iPad”, although we struggle to see directly how that would work. That said, the app is very social, enabling you to push out these content cards to friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email.

Turnplay transforms your iPad into a digital vinyl music player

Digital music, through iTunes, Spotify and others, may have made playing music a whole lot easier in recent years, but attempting to make it more fun is the new Turnplay for iPad app.

The app gives users the interactivity of playing a virtual vinyl record on the Apple tablet, and automatically pulls in any music and corresponding artwork on the tablet.

On opening the app, users can access their library by tapping the small music symbol at the top left and then dive deeper into playlists, albums and songs through the ‘+’ button.

Once you’ve selected a song, you can pull the vinyl from the sleeve and onto the turntable. You can skip songs by lifting the arm to place it on a specific part of a song and even turn into an old school DJ by scratching or slowing down the vinyl, adjusting the tempo and more.

Turnplay is now available for $1.99 (iTunes).


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