Best New iPad Apps: Organize shopping lists, identify great TV shows & stay on task with Evernote

May 24, 2013

Bring your shopping list into the modern age with AnyList

If, like me, you’ve been using scraps of paper for writing down your shopping and grocery lists, it might be time for a change.

AnyList is attempting to facilitate that change with its universal to-do list app for iPhone, iPod touch and now iPad.

The app (free, iTunes) works simply enough. On signing up for an AnyList account you can create and organize shopping lists and even note recipes, which can in-turn be synced across all other iOS devices.

These lists can even be shared with friends and family, with one particular neat feature being that AnyList sends out push notifications to users when a shared list has been modified. Another impressive function is that the app will autocomplete items you often add to your shopping list. For example, typing ‘toi’, would likely auto fill with 'toilet rolls' or 'toilet paper'.

Identify great songs and TV shows with Shazam

Shazam has been the pioneer of song recognition technology and as such currently has over 300 million users and runs on web, iOS, Android and Windows.

But whereas to date the app has been simply used to identify a great song or artist, its latest update for the iPad (free, iTunes) goes further. It sees the company make a play at becoming your “second-screen” app when watching TV.

In a move to compete with the likes of Zeebox and GetGlue, Shazam can now tag TV shows in the U.S. and bring up information relating to the show. Commercials can also be tagged, which gives advertisers another way to pester you.

A big part of this is that the app can now auto-tag songs, lyrics and TV shows (in close proximity to the iPad), even when you're doing other things like checking email or playing games.

Other changes include greater social integration, so you can see what your Facebook friends are listening to as well as view what is popular by certain regions.

Evernote users can now keep on task with Reminders

Evernote is perhaps the most versatile note-taking client irrespective of whether you’re using iOS, Android, web or Windows.

If there has been one complaint about the standard Evernote apps, however, it is that they had little concept of time and they need for some things for certain items to be completed by a deadline.

That has now changed thanks to the introduction of Evernote Reminders, a new feature for Evernote’s apps for Mac, iOS and web.

Put simply, Reminders allows users to add a Reminder to a note by tapping on an alarm clock at the bottom of the note on iPhone and iPad. Users can set a time and date for when the note should be completed and even establish an email alert if they so wish.

The app (free, iTunes) even has its own Reminders section, which provides a fast and simple way to keep on track of what tasks to be done, and these tasks syncs across all Evernote devices.

As you'd expect, these reminders can be easily checked off and new notes which have reminders go straight to the top of your note list. Evernote Reminders is also available for Evernote Business users.


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