Best New iPad Apps: A polished inbox, better travel management and easy note-taking

April 25, 2014

WordMate Gold

Traveling involves a myriad of details with hotel reservations, flight details and car rentals. WordMate Gold can reduce the complexity of tracking all this information by keeping it in one place.

Currently on sale for $0.99 from $9.99, it includes a smart travel dashboard summarizing upcoming events and a more specific itinerary. You can also share the information to a travel mate or publicly across social networks.

Cannonball email

Email apps are a hot commodity. Cannonball joins the increasingly crowded fray with its take on giving the inbox a makeover. It has a clever drag-and-drop feature for organizing messages, which Cannonball uses to learn your preferences for where to filter them.

The emphasis is on the visual throughout the app, as images get a large and prominent placement. Cannonball supports Gmail, iCloud,, and any IMAP account.

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Daily Notes + Tasks

Of the many note-taking and task management apps, Daily Notes + Tasks is a better looking alternative than many of the current choices. It combines note-taking with sketching to help collect all those quick thoughts throughout the day that tend to get lost on a Post-It note.

Your notes can also be backed up with Evernote or Dropbox, which is a helpful feature for those who rely on those services.

PDF Pen Scan+

The workday can see many files or other physical documents that need to be organized. PDF Pen Scan+ wants to keep you from losing these with a simple way to digitize them. It uses the iPad’s camera to scan the files, then adding in the ability to recognize text through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Store the images, which can be converted to PDF, to Evernote, iCloud, or Dropbox.


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