Best New iPad Apps: Read Forbes magazine, brainstorm ideas, take meeting notes and buy from eBay

January 11, 2013

Forbes magazine is now available on Newsstand

Aiming to merge "the power of print storytelling with social sharing and the Web", Forbes announced the launch of its new iPad app earlier this week.

The news is significant because Forbes has, up until now, held back from bringing its entire publication to Newsstand, with the magazine instead launching iOS apps for Forbes list and Photos & Videos.

The new container app (free, iTunes) serves up paid-for magazines, with these offered at $5.99 for an individual copy or on a subscription basis ($2.99 a month, $29.99 for the whole year, or $10 extra for print subscribers).

Once in the magazine, Forbes allows you to scroll between articles and to seamlessly jump between the digital magazine, and linked Twitter accounts.

Videos can be run on top of magazine articles, with users also able to scroll through picture galleries and send select content out to their friends.

Indeed, one of the neater features of the Forbes app is the digital clipping tool which allows readers to create a custom-sized screenshot of a page, and then send this to friends via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Pictures can also be sent out to social networks, emailed out or saved locally to the iPad.

PhatPad lets you brainstorm and share with others

PhatWare’s PhatPad is a neat note-taking app that supports handwriting recognition, making it a useful tool for brainstorming.

Now on version 2.5, PhatPad ($4.99, iTunes) lets you input and edit text via the iPad’s keyboard or with your own fingers (or a stylus), record voice notes and send these documents to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, email or over WiFi.

There are Word-like tools for inserting images, resizing text and 'search and replace', while new pages can be added, removed or moved up or down in the document order.

PhatPad does sport a basic design and isn’t always the best at converting handwritten words into digital text. But for the most part it is an easy to use app which is handy for creating and sharing notes.

Take minutes with Meeting Notepad

Meeting Notepad ($0.99, iTunes) is a simple but very useful iPad app that enables you to create and share meeting minutes from your iPad.

Using the app, minute takers can either manually fill in meeting details like location, attendees or agenda, or pull this data in directly from their calendar.

Auto-complete can also help insert meeting attendees from your contacts book, while iPad 3 users will be able to enable voice dictation to record the meeting.

The end result is professionally formatted meeting notes which can be emailed out to recipients, or even printed on any AirPrint-enabled printer. Another productivity benefit is that users are able to copy meeting details, a useful feature if you are holding or participating in the same regular meeting.

eBay iPad app gets an update

Tablet shopping is becoming an increasing trend according to new data, and keen to capitalize on that is eBay, which rolled out an update for its iPad app (free, iTunes) this week.

The latest version attempts to make it easier to buy and sell items from your iPhone for iPad.  Sellers should now find that uploading photos and item descriptions is now simpler, while draft versions of incomplete product listings can now be saved on the PC and finished on the iPad.

Things are also easier for the buyer, when it comes to discovering and paying for goods. Auto-complete can now help buyers find goods within the app, while a quicker checkout system means buyers can review and confirm their payments on a single screen.

And, as an additional bonus, buyers can now pay with credit card as well as PayPal on the eBay iPad app.


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