Best New iPad Apps: Remote printing from Canon, Photoshop improvements and tools for design and security professionals

November 30, 2012

Canon Mobile Printing lets you remotely at work

Remote tablet printing in business is less of a bind these days, and that continues in the news that Canon has launched a new app for remotely printing from your iOS device.

The new Canon Mobile Printing app (free, iTunes) lets you remotely send print jobs from your iOS device to a compatible Canon printer in your office or house, with compatible printers including Canon’s imageClass desktop laser printers, the multi-function MF4000 models and the imageRunner Advance C5200, 6200 and 8200 enterprise office systems, among others.

The app is generally pretty easy to use. It hooks into your local photos, has simple buttons for detecting the nearest printers (by WiFi or by entering the IP address), printing, perusing to the web or even taking photos which can then be printed. What is less clear however, is how you open and print Office documents, for there seemed to be no option here.

Canon Mobile Printing apparently supports the printing of JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF and PDF files, as well as local photographs, Office and iWork files, and web pages. Using the app, you can adjust the paper size, color output and the number of copies.

Canon Mobile Printing supports iOS 5.1 to iOS 6.0, which means it runs on the iPhone 4/4S/5 and all 9.7-inch iPads. No mention has been made for the iPad mini.

Adobe Photoshop Touch works with the iPad mini & supports better stylus pens

Adobe’s Photoshop Touch has been updated (version 1.4) to bring about some improvements including support for pressure-sensitive stylus pens and a new UI for iPad mini users.

The update means the app is more capable of creating natural pen and brush strokes, and also ensures that Photoshop Touch 1.4 is compatible with the Pogo Connect, Jot Touch and various other Jaja stylus accessories.

Other changes see the introduction of a new user interface for iPad mini users and sharing social for social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Those that have already downloaded the original app will get the update for free. Otherwise, Photoshop Touch will cost $9.99 from the App Store.

Autodesk FormIt is a modelling app for professional designers

Autodesk this week released a new, free iPad app for designers looking to piece together and work on concept drawings.

The FormIt app allows users to create their digital design through a number of shapes which can be manipulated, and this Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow can then be shared and collaborated on with others using Autodesk's 360 cloud services.

Users can also set their location of their project in a searchable maps interface and import a satellite import of their site so that designers have some context of what and where they are building.

Dropcam can monitor multiple video streams on your iPad

Dropcam’s recently launched iPad app enables users to view up to four video streams on their iPad at the same time, potentially a useful tool for a security department.

This footage can originate from the user’s own Dropcam cameras or from a shared or public stream, and the app can be tweaked so that the user receives notifications every time something significant happens (one example would be somebody switching off their camera).

The Dropcam cameras stream video at 720p, have viewing angles of 80 degrees and there’s also a night viewing mode. They connect to routers over WiFi, but are not water resistant so outside use may not be a clever idea.

The Dropcam iPad app is free, but everything else will require you to open your wallet.

The Dropcam HD camera costs $149, while those looking to record footage (something which could appeal to SMBs or small retailers, for instance) will shell out $9.99 to $29.95, depending how long they want to store that information.

Security has been considered too, with video streams set to private by default and footage encrypted at all times.


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