Best New iPad Apps: Manage documents in the cloud, create keyboard shortcuts and clean up your calendar

January 18, 2013

Readdle Documents is great for storing and sharing documents

Productivity app developer Readdle launched another neat app this week in the shape of Documents, which is essentially a one-stop shop for managing documents and media files on your iPad.

Giving you the chance to listen to music files, watch videos and view (as well as annotate) PDF documents from one app, the Documents landing page shows all your uploaded documents and also gives a subset of options to sync to iCloud, save locally to the iPad, or to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive and many more. You can even browse the web from within the application.

Microsoft Office files can also be imported for viewing, and files can be organized into customized folders. One of the neater tools is the ability to copy files from the iPad back to the PC over a WiFi connection.

There are other useful features too. Attachments from Mail and other iPads app can be pulled into Documents using Apple’s ‘Open In’ functionality, while app users can protect sensitive material by using a password or by encrypting files when the Passcode Lock is enforced.

If that isn’t enough then the fact that the app is free from iTunes should be reason enough to try it out.

Text Expander helps you type faster

Touch typing on the iPad isn’t a bad experience, but it is true to say that it could be faster and more efficient.

That’s where TextExpander ($4.99, iTunes) comes in. A well-regarded productivity app that speeds up tablet typing, TextExpander lets you type in your own customized short abbreviation for longer words.

For instance, perhaps you could set up a short abbreviation for today’s date or enter ‘sig1’ to include your email signature.

The app is relatively straightforward to use and with it you can compose quick email messages or browse websites. You can also flip a number of switches on and off TextExpander, from turning on Auto-Correction to sharing snippets over Dropbox.

The good news is that TextExpander isn’t just a standalone app. In fact, the app is said to work in over 100 apps including iAWriter, WriteRoom, task managers ToDo, OmniFocus and Things, and many more.

CalenMob Pro is more than just another calendar organizer

Keeping on top of multiple calendars can be pain, not least on the iPad where you have to contend with your iOS and Google calendars.

One of the better apps out there for managing these together is CalenMob Pro. The app, named as ZDNet’s iPad app of the week, combines your latest diary entries from Google Calendar and the iOS calendar and also has an offline mode you can view and update calendars when offline.

As you would expect, these calendars can be viewed in a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly view, as well as by your agenda. There is also a four-day view and you can set up recurring events. The app can also serve up reminders by notifications, SMS or email.

CalenMob Pro sports a simple yet stylish layout that only gives you the information you need, and entering in appointments is as easy as selecting the date and time.

CalenMob Pro is now available for $6.99 from the App Store.


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