Best New iPad Apps: Scribble notes with Penultimate, search for jobs, organize meetings & collaborate on documents

February 1, 2013
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Evernote refreshes Penultimate handwriting app

Evernote acquired handwriting app developer Penultimate early last year and while Phil Libin's firm haven't made any wholesale changes, it has now dropped the price of the app from $0.99 to free.

There have been a few other minor tweaks.

A new user interface features and there are new functions for handwriting search and new languages (Russian and Chinese). Digital fonts have been improved to look better on the Retina Display, while the app integrates with Evernote to sync all Penultimate data across all your devices.

Otherwise, the app works as it did before. Users sign in with their existing Evernote address, there are the usual tools for editing or adding pages and notebooks, and all notebooks can be viewed by hitting the thumbnail icon. A neat, and new functionality, is the ability to search for your handwriting in both the Penultimate and Evernote apps.

Penultimate can now be downloaded from the App Store for free here.

Find your dream job with JobAware

JobAware is a recently updated iPad app which basically lets you track and apply for jobs.

The app itself sports a rather bland user interface, but its usability is reasonable when it comes to searching, saving and even applying for jobs.

On opening the app and signing up for a JobAware account, you can search for jobs by entering your preferred role. Results are split by location and there are options to view jobs by what's nearby and by vacancies which most closely match your description.

These vacancy results are pulled in from job sites and also employer websites and can be shared with friends and family over email, Twitter and Facebook.

There is also a tool for searching for jobs where your LinkedIn connections work, but that took too long to load when I tried it, while the ‘Track’ folder houses all the jobs you are keeping tabs on.

JobAware (free, iTunes) isn’t just about searching and applying for jobs (the latter is done by the going to where the job is advertised). You can also enter the ‘Learn’ section to find out more on how to craft a resume or a cover letter, prepare for an interview or negotiate a salary.

The Meeting App wants to make your meetings productive

There are a few app developers out there promising to make meetings a lot less stressful on the iPad. Over the last year, there has been Meeting Gold, Meeting Notepad and many others.

One vendor which jumped into that market recently was Iceland-based Action Day with The Meeting App.

Now on version 1.1.4, Meeting App ($6.99, iTunes) lets you create meetings, take notes and delegate decisions or tasks to team members.

On creating a meeting, users can enter attendees and the location quickly through the iPad’s contact and maps integration, while the meeting notes themselves can be typed, handwritten and emailed out to recipients after the event.

Meetings can also be organized into categories for easy access and all meetings are saved automatically, while the note-taking facility within the app is also pretty conclusive. There is a calculator, a drawing tool, mind mapping, and the chance to integrate pictures or to turn on the audio recorder.

Collaborate on business files with Moxtra Binder

If you are anything like me, you often scratch your head pondering where you saved those photos, documents and other items which can be located in your digital world. It’s arguably the modern day equivalent of “where’s my keys?”

Nonetheless, the new Moxtra Binder iPad app (free, iTunes) is a handy tool for bringing all your content together in one organized place.

Using Moxtra Binder, you can store everything from papers, receipts, coupons, pictures videos and documents, and organize these into personal digital binders should you choose to. Owing to the cross-platform nature of the app, you’ll be able to access these on iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac (Android support is coming soon).

Such functionality isn’t unique, but Moxtra Binder really comes into its own when it comes to collaboration.

Binders can be worked on with a smaller group of people, pushed out  to Facebook or even by text (SMS users can only view the files, however).

Users accessing the files are able to edit these by adding comments, annotating and even attaching voice notes, while another neat feature is the videoconference function to hold VoIP meetings to work on your chosen Binder.

Everything about Moxtra Binder is neat and tidy. Adding new binders and pages for those binders is a simple on-tap process, as is hooking the app into your Dropbox, Box or desktop PC to get access to your files.


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