Best New iPad Apps: Simple word processing, a personal organizer and a photo editor that saves to iCloud

September 28, 2012
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Planner Pro

Planner Pro ($4.99, iTunes) is a comprehensive app for filing notes, keeping on top of tasks and events, and giving you a general overview of what you’re doing and when.

The app comes with a range of handy features. For instance for events, you can sync with your iOS calendars, edit and delete events as you please and even establish long-running events on a continuous basis, a feature which can also be applied to tasks and projects.  

Keeping track of all these arrangements is also fairly easy, as you can choose between five different status and 25 priorities for tasks and projects, while a system reminder can be served up for each task.

Users can also upload an unlimited number of notes throughout the day and manage these from a daily, weekly or monthly view. Other features include the ability to search records across events, tasks and notes.

Planner Pro is elegantly laid out like a paper-bound planner and you’re greeted with a split screen view between tasks and events when opening the app, with a calendar featuring in the top left hand corner and a notes section at the bottom.

You can tap on the calendar to break out a weekly, daily or monthly view of what’s going on (you can adjust what you see first in Settings).


There’s quite a few text editors out there on the App Store and joining that battle is NewPad; a free text editor that keeps things rather simple.

As with other word processors like iWriter, NewPad lets you apply styles to text, bold or italic being two examples, email documents as text or as an attachment or print documents to AirPrint-compatible printers.

Furthermore, you’re able to copy and paste from other applications and adjust the format of your document.

The app has been tested for iOS 6 and the Retina Display of the ‘new’ iPad and is now available from the App Store for free.


Camera+ has long been one of the top selling iPhone apps on the App Store, but is now available for the iPad for the first time.

Granted, not many people take photos with the iPad, but nonetheless Camera+ better serves as a mobile editing suite that also offers a neat tie-in with iCloud for storing edited images.

As with the iPhone version, the Camera+ iPad app lets users apply touch-up for photos taken in certain light conditions, make simple adjustments like rotating the image or removing red eye, or crop portions of the photo. Those looking to make their images more artistic can apply FX Effects and Borders.

Thanks to iCloud, pictures snapped on an iPhone will automatically appear on the iPad camera, while edited photos will also sync back with the iPhone photo library.  

If that’s not impressive enough, you can always share your works of art with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or via email.

The app is now available at a discounted $0.99 price at  iTunes.


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