Best New iPad Apps: Take handwritten notes, make magazines on Flipboard & share your location with co-workers

March 29, 2013
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My BIC Notes is fun and easy to use

There are a huge number of note-taking apps out there, and it’s probably fair to say that a large number of these fail to live up to their billing.

Fortunately, My BIC Notes (free, iTunes) isn’t one of those. Coming from the creators of the original Bic pall-point pen, the application is fun and easy to use.

The app is very visual with some great pictures and setting up takes no longer than a minute. You are then pushed into a home page with options for adding new or viewing existing notes, and one thing that is very neat about creating new notes is that you can file these away in home, business or student sections.

Instructions show just how easy My BIC Notes is to use. There are icon buttons for changing the paper type and adding new objects (like sticky notes, text and pictures) at the top of the page, while a virtual palm block and bic pen lay at the bottom of the page. On touching the bic pen, you can change the pen type and even grab the eraser.

The handwriting recognition is actually pretty good and while the eraser isn't perfect, sharing these notes out is easy via email. The print option, however, was not always successful — on one occasion the app crashed when searching for an AirPrint-compatible printer.

Flipboard wants you to start curating your own content

Flipboard has introduced some pretty major changes to its iPad app with version 2.0, which launched earlier this week.

The biggest change of all is the newfound ability for users to curate their own personalized magazines and doing this really couldn’t get any easier.

For all users have to do when browsing articles in the app is hit the ‘+’ button when in a story. Flipboard will then ask what magazine you want to save it to and you can then flip through your creation as you would any other on Mike McCue’s creation.

You can also choose to make the magazines public or private, and if they are public you will receive notifications when you have a new follower.

There are some other new enhancements, albeit which are less eye-catching. Searching is now easier and more recognizable, pages ‘flip’ over faster and more personalized recommendations are suggested when it comes to content.

Flipboard for iPad is free from the App Store.


Update: TabTimes has created two custom magazines in Flipboard, with a selection of our best articles. Check them out and subscribe to them:

Glympse is the quickest way for sharing your location

When meeting up with colleagues, business partners or even friends, it can be a pain describing where to meet by text or when on a phone call.

That’s where Glympse (free, iTunes) is really handy. The iPad app (Glympse is also available for Android) allows you to send your location to your contacts over email, Facebook or Twitter.

You can even send this information directly to attendees in upcoming meetings, permitting these details are stored on your calendar.

On launching Glympse, you are asked for your location and to import your name details from Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, you can enter your name and photo manually.

Sending out a Glympse message is fairly straightforward.  You can send out the location with an accompanying message, add contacts and set how long this location will be shared for, and the whole process takes no longer than a minute.

Messages can even be sent out to Glympse groups if you have these in place. [As an aside, setting up Glympse groups would be the easiest and quickest way of reaching out to your team members on a regular basis].

Glympse locations can also be shared to Facebook timelines, while the clipboard option can copy the web link so you can paste it into other apps like iMessage and Skype.

Recipients can drilldown into your location by map or satellite, and zoom into for a closer look. As soon as they have viewed your location, the eye icon in the iPad app informs you that they have received your message. 


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