Best New iPad Apps: Pulse, online education, tablet invoicing & finding great movies with Microsoft’s Paul Allen

November 9, 2012

Pulse brings iPhone and iPad together in iOS app

Pulse continues to strive to match the success to news aggregator rivals Flipboard and Zite, and so updated both its iOS and Android apps to Pulse 3.0 in the week.

The update sees the San Francisco-based firm (officially called Alphonso Labs) now promise a sleeker, more user-friendly UI, an enhanced category sidebar and perhaps most refreshingly a search feature which enables you to pull news from additional sources like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Tumblr or Flickr.

Additional changes see the app (free, iTunes) add infinite scrolling (so you can view stories up to three months old), and the ability to rename pages or reorder sources.

Furthermore, version 3.0 of the iOS app sees it run across both iPhone and iPad (Pulse previously had specific versions for the iPhone and iPad).

Udemy takes 5,000 online education courses to the iPad

Online educational videos have already made their way to the iPad via well-rated apps TED and Khan Academy, and the latest to join that list is two-year-old start-up Udemy.

The firm’s new iPad app (free, iTunes) is an online educational portal that houses up to 5,000 courses from on how to be an entrepreneur to training for software developers.

The app offers access to video and audio lectures, presentations as well as other relevant course material, even when offline, and you can also ask your tutors questions or sprint a question on other Edemy students.

FreshBooks wants to make tablet invoicing the reality for SMBs

Over 5 million small small-medium businesses (SMBs) use FreshBooks’ cloud accounting service for invoicing, and those folk will no doubt be delighted to know that the firm has now released an iPad app.

Aimed at companies with up to 10 employees, the iPad app (free, iTunes) lets users create and manage invoices, estimates, expenses and projects, attach images to their invoices or expense reports, and even do all of this while offline (with the data syncing when you return to the Internet).

Furthermore, the app enables users to process online payments via credit card, PayPal and other payment gateways.

Fayve will recommend movies based on what you like

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen could be forgiven for sitting back on a beach right now, but right now the billionaire is busy promoting his new iPad app for finding you movies and TV shows.

Developed by Allen’s firm Vulcan Capital, the Favye iPad app (free, iTunes) aims to recommend content based on “who you are and what you like”, and it can also sync with iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Google Play among many other sources.

Furthermore, the app can even be used a second-screen app, pulling up useful info from movie reviews to information on your favorite actor.

The app itself uses a rather innovate rotating carousel to show the content and can be used to sort movies by genre and boot out any content you would rather no watch.


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