Best New iPad Apps: A virtual assistant, digital whiteboard and a workout for your brain

February 22, 2014

MindMeld – Voice Assistant

It’s not quite Her, but MindMeld definitely shares some characteristics with the fictional personal assistant from the popular movie.

You talk to MindMeld to search for articles, images, or other information relevant to the topic. It also performs voice conferences, which includes a collaborative workspace for sharing images and other content from your MindMeld searches.


Calzy is one of the best-looking calculators to appear in a while in the App Store. It has a minimalist and iOS 7 friendly design, with many color shades to choose from in order to add a personal touch.

The number icons are a tad small, though frequent calculator users are probably used to knowing where the buttons are intuitively. Customization options include going full-screen by hiding the status bar and toggle on or off sounds.

Zamurai Mobile Whiteboard

A recent entry into the whiteboard space, Zamurai works like a hybrid of mind maps and a whiteboard, with plenty of organizational components and icons to make for a useful brainstorming tool.

The add-on essentials pack for $7.99 is certainly worth it if you like Zamurai. It contains an unlimited number of whiteboard files to save, an image manager, library manager, and other business-focused icons. It has enough extendability to serve as a place for taking down ideas or to present one’s plans to others in a meeting.

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If you are looking for a trendy game that requires more thinking than maneuvering a bird around pipes, then check out Threes. It is a great brain workout, requiring you to move around tiles to form multiples of threes before the clock runs out.

Anyone who wants a lower-stress or slower paced game may not wish to venture here. For others, however, Threes is a great way to stay sharp and challenge yourself in this refreshing puzzle game.

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