The write stuff: Best 6 note-taking apps for iPad

June 15, 2013

With the right apps an iPad can be a helpful note-taking tool. Apps exist for those who like to take handwritten notes, record audio, or just want to type. Instead of the boring stock Notes app, check out these apps that offer more powerful features. Many feature handwriting recognition or syncing with cloud services to make the workflow more productive.


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While Evernote is no unknown in this space, many may not have explored all of its myriad features. Along with note-taking and syncing across platforms, Evernote includes audio recording, which could be useful for anyone who wants to listen back on dialogue or a meeting presentation. Shared notebooks are also a good way to share a set of notes with a team.


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An Evernote acquisition, Penultimate is for those who would rather use a stylus to handwrite notes. Because it is connected to Evernote, the company’s excellent handwriting recognition and syncing goes to work to keep all of the content stored in your account. There are plenty of in-app upgrades to expand its feature set.


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This is another good alternative for those who want the option to include handwriting. Use the toolbar at the top of the screen to quickly switch between text, pencil, ink, or an eraser. The handwriting support is very responsive and allows for a lot of creativity.


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If you still carry around that Moleskine notebook but would rather have a digital version then give Paper a try. As the name implies it seeks to serve as a place for all your creative sketches, notes, and drawings. Create additional notebooks for further organization. Extra pens and color tools are available as an in-app upgrade.


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Outline will appeal to fans of Microsoft’s OneNote. It keeps the same typer of folder and tab hierarchy and a similar interface. Notebooks can interact with OneNote, though you will need to use iTunes or a third-party cloud service, like SkyDrive.

Note Taker HD


Note Taker HD is one of the benchmark apps in this category. Users can hand write notes, create diagrams and annotate PDFs. There is also a myriad number of options for organizing notes, making this a good all-in-one note-taking choice.



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