6 best Android and iPad apps for converting files to PDFs

March 11, 2014

Converting a document to a PDF for more flexible sharing options is a necessary productivity task for many. If you don’t have the right app on your tablet, however, it can be annoying to have to run back to the computer to make this happen.

Never fear, the answer’s here. The following apps let you easily convert a variety of files to a PDF and even save them for later use.



Able2Extract is a very simple yet capable converter. From within the application just locate any PDF and then tap the conversion symbol. Any files are stored on your device in case they are needed later.



The URL2PDF app is well designed for iOS 7 and is a good option if you need to convert web pages to a PDF. Once created use AirDrop, Dropbox, or send the files via e-mail.


2014-03-10 16.52.20

To PDF is a good, free choice if you want to quickly convert documents, emails, clipboard content or other content into a PDF. If you like the tool, the in-app upgrade options are highly recommended. These include Dropbox support, annotating a created PDF or converting documents. The best deal is to go for the full package, which gets you all of this for $5.99.

Adobe Reader


Adobe Reader is synonymous with PDFs (Adobe created the PDF, or Portable Document Format). This application will convert documents and spreadsheet formats into a PDF from an iPad or Android tablet. While not as full featured as some of the other choices, this app is highly reliable and does rather rapid conversions.

PDF Converter Pro

2014-03-10 17.30.12

PDF Converter Pro will take photos, pictures, contacts and text messages and convert them to a PDF. While there is also a free version, the pro edition is a good choice for getting all the features in one purchase. The interface is one of the best, with large icons that make it easy to speed up the workflow.



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