6 best tablet apps for tracking flights

March 25, 2014

You don’t need to be a flight controller to get specific, real-time information about airline flights. These six tablet apps can keep you posted about a specific flight or let you explore the busy highways in the sky.

Flightradar24 Pro


Flightradar24 Pro puts the resources of the popular flight tracking web site into a mobile app. It is great for getting updates about a specific flight or for casually browsing the skies. Pinch and zoom through a map and touch one of the plane icons to get statistics about that plane, including its flight path. Or use the search bar to find a specific itinerary.

FlightAware Flight Tracker


FlightAware Flight tracker keep tabs on both commercial flights worldwide as well as general aviation. Also get information on airport delays, flights in your area, and sign up for push alerts on specific plane routes.



Perhaps all you may want is a simple departure and arrival board on your tablet. The interface, inspired by Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, is updated every five minutes with information on practically any airport worldwide. Or get the information on a specific flight you may be tracking.



AirportZoom has the standard feature set of similar flight tracking apps, pulling in data about any flights or arrival status. However, it is different from the pack by offering more details about specific airports with over 120 terminal maps, user reviews, and details about amenities near specific gates. A free app, it is only available on iOS.

Flight+ for iPad


Flight+ for iPad is one of the best looking applications in this category. It pulls up visually-friendly statistics for your selected flight with updated arrival and departure information. The information is also sorted by friendly tabs for rapid switching between screens.

Plane Finder HD


Plane Finder HD underwent a recent redesign for iOS 7. It has immersive maps that show the real-time status of worldwide air traffic. Yet it also offers powerful search capabilities, allowing you to find flights by flight number, airline, or airport.


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