6 best Android & iPad apps to keep you on task

March 4, 2014

There is no shortage of tablet apps that promise to conquer the struggle to stay on task. The following choices are excellent for both keeping oneself or workplace colleagues focused on getting things done.


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Fresh with a 3.0 update, Todoist is an excellent task-management tool for oneself or an organization. The app design gets out of your way so you can focus on arranging tasks for yourself or a team. Android users can add a task widget to the home screen, which is a quick way to get to the information without needing to open the app.

SwiftKey Note

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SwiftKey has long been the best keyboard on Android, but iOS users can now get some of its predictive power inside of an excellent note-taking app. SwiftKey Note connects to your Evernote account so that notes taken on your iPad are available across platforms.



Just as its name implies, SimpleNote excels at simplicity. It uses a clean layout to let you focus on short notes or more involves information. Not only does it work on iPads and Android tablets, but a version for Mac users can make the workflow even more seamless.



Trello is another great cross-platform option, as both the iPad and Android tablet versions are well-built and make use of each platform’s strengths. The iPad matches the iOS 7 design aesthetic, while the Android version uses the navigation drawer to quickly navigate the application. The workspace can include comments, attachments or task lists to keep oneself or an entire team up-to-date.



WorkFlowy is another minimalist to-do manager that gets out of your way. Its simplicity makes it very extendable, usable for short to-do lists or more extensive projects that are shared with others. It also works offline in case you are away from an Internet connection.



ListBook is a very elegant to-do list maker with large font and an Android-style navigation bar for quickly creating tasks and switching between categories. It takes good advantage of some of the strengths of iOS, such as using iCloud to keep data in sync between an iPad and iPhone and enabling one to AirDrop lists to another user.


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