Big pharma is prescribing iPads

November 1, 2012
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Research and Markets says that every major biopharmaceutical company has developed iPad apps. The apps cover the entire range of activities from helping incontinent patients find a public toilet and educating doctors on drugs to reading electronic medical and health records.

In the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, tablets have been deployed across a range of use cases, including sales representatives using them in their interaction with physicians, to research labs and production processes.

In addition to the two-thirds of doctors and physicians already already using tablets, Research and Markets says 70% of of non-users in the U.S. plan to buy a tablet in the next year.

“This creates a huge market for pharma firms to leverage the iPad infrastructure as a customer's sales and education tool,” says Research and Markets, which just released a new report entitled “iPad and Smartphone Use in the Pharma Market”.


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