Bigtincan Hub manages mobile content securely for business

November 2, 2012

The company says its developed a system that maintains a consumer-like experience on mobile while giving the mobile workforce access to the most current business content they need.

“What the bigtincan hub provides is a tool to make people in the field more productive with their mobile devices and also make sure you have the right controls in place for the right people to get the right stuff,” David Keane, CEO and managing director of Bigtincan, told TabTimes.

“More importantly, we solve the problem IT has securing and managing all the mobile content out there.”

The bigtincan hub runs on pretty much any mobile device with support for iOS, Android and HTML5.

Available as on premise or SaaS solution Bigtincan is designed to let organizations easily create a structure for content that can be pushed out to user’s devices that is automatically synchronized

“This isn’t just for PDFs, and PowerPoint,” said Keane. “We do all that, but also WebEx, HTML5, animated PowerPoints and other non-traditional documents that we make available to the mobile user.”

The BigtinCan includes content policy management (including role-based permissions to safeguard sensitive information); security and data leakage protection giving IT the ability to encrypt content on the device over-the-air and on the server; and advanced document management, including giving users the ability to directly edit, mark-up and organize a wide variety content including Word, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, HTML5 content, videos, ebooks, podcasts and more.

Other features include Bigtincan’s ContentIQ, a content scoring system that highlights and prioritizes content to help workers in the field see the most relevant content.

SocialIQ is the Bigtincan’s real-time content metrics system that tracks who is doing what with different materials.

The application includes a number of social features like content rating, subscribing and sharing designed to help users identify and prioritize interesting content and engage with peers in real-time. 


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