Black Friday sales have an adverse effect on the tablet market, argues NPD analyst

November 22, 2012
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“You can expect plenty of low-cost Android tablets for under $150 or $100, but in general brands like Samsung, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon have no reason to do it [Black Friday]”, NPD’s Stephen Baker told TabTimes, when asked what Black Friday would mean for tablet sales.

When TabTimes noted some deals being made available through the likes of Apple and Microsoft, Baker said that these offers are not unusual and added that Microsoft is most unlikely to discount the Surface RT tablet considerably in fear of harming its reputation.

“Apple isn’t doing anything different by offering vouchers and Microsoft really doesn’t want to discount or create price confusion for the Surface, which has a pretty good price anyway”.

And after Black Friday 2011 was dominated by hundreds of low-cost Android tablets from third-tier vendors, Baker not only expects the same feat to befall Black Friday 2012 but also suggested that these models could be having a larger, negative effective on the future of the tablet market.

“The budget Android tablets are generally not good for the tablet market. They generally send out a price message that is not realistic for the major brands,” said Baker. 

“A lot [of tablets] get returned and the consumers don’t get a great experience. This can even make them anti-tablet or just disappointed”.


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