Box update for Android adds significant new features to the cloud-based service

January 6, 2012

Box didn’t wait long to introduce a significant update to its Android version. Available now for download, Box 1.5 builds on the 1.4 for Android released a little over a month ago. 

In a blog post, Simon Tan, Box Product Manager for Mobile, said the update will be especially appealing to those users who actively share and edit files using Box with others. 

The new version adds a widget to the home screen that lets users keep an eye on any updates to files shared with others. Tan said this makes the updates more readily accessible than the separate Updates feed available when using the service in a browser or Apple device like the iPhone or iPad. 

The company says you can also now send files to the Box cloud from anywhere you can open files (e.g. email attachments), and create new Microsoft Office documents with compatible apps like QuickOffice Pro.

“Wherever you have the option to view a file, you now also have the option to upload it to Box – which is really useful when you get email attachments or download files via the browser,” says Tan. “Put them on Box and start sending links instead of attaching files in emails.” 

Tan notes that with the new version Box users will see new options to add documents, spreadsheets, presentations and plain text files on the Create menu as long as they have an app capable of editing these files (not just viewing them). 

Box recommends any one of these programs,  QuickOffice Pro, DocumentsToGo or Kingsoft Office.

Box says there are currently over 350,000 active users of Box for Android. 


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