Box launches OneCloud, ‘the first mobile cloud for the enterprise’

March 28, 2012

OneCloud allows users to access and share files via the company’s web interface and, thanks to support from various partners, also enables these same users to annotate documents, use voice dictation (only when using the new iPad), edit documents and provide digital signatures. Some of these OneCloud functions are provided by integrated apps like Quickoffice (with the Save Back feature), Adobe's EchoSign (for the digital signature), Nuance’s PaperPort Notes (for taking notes) and PDF Expert, although other apps can be added by the user.

The app is now available for iPad and iPhone, and is expected to become available for Android in May. Interestingly, while individual users are being directed to the App Store to download the app, Box is saying that businesses should either go through Apple's Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) or the Apple Configurator, which lets IT administrators configure iOS apps from a Mac, for larger deployments.

Box already has over 10 million users, and says that more than 200 million files are accessed via a Box account each month. The company says that 80% of the Fortune 500 companies are using Box and adds that it has seen an eight-fold increase in the number of mobile users. Company CEO and co-founder Aaron Levie told TechCrunch recently that Android is growing at the fastest rate, and said that 77% of Box users access their content from six different locations and on at least three different devices.

“We want Box to be center of all business work flow and the go-to mobile business operating system”, said Levie.

A few hours after Box made this announcement, enterprise-grade cloud storage rival Accellion followed up the news by shooting TabTimes an email slamming Box for ‘once again ignoring security and the role Microsoft and SharePoint play within the enterprise’.

“Unfortunately for enterprises, Box is once again ignoring security and is only adding to the chaos that many organizations are dealing with in terms of protecting access and flow of confidential information”, the firm said in a statement.


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