Box shrugs off Google Drive rivalry: ‘We’re used to competition’

June 19, 2012

Speaking at LeWeb conference in London today, the Box founder said that the firm has grown ‘pretty used to competition’ and casually brushed off any worries over competition, namely from Google Drive.

“How many of you are using Google Drive?” asked Levie of the event attendees. “What was your experience – so-so?”.

“We’re pretty used to competition and we expect lots of new entrants to this market in the next two years, particularly because there are no real leaders in the enterprise space”, added Levie.

Indeed, far from being flustered by the arrival of Google or the on-going competition with Dropbox, Levie turned his attention on the likes of Microsoft and IBM, and suggested that these major enterprise software vendors may end up getting left behind by the advancing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend.

“The world of business is getting more complex because of the increasing availability of inter-connected devices.

“Technology will be responsible (for that change), but the traditional enterprise players cannot innovate fast enough. They can help you get inside your data center, but not how to get data on various mobile devices, or to collaborate with others.”

Levie could certainly afford to be a boisterous mood, having announced this week that Box is setting up its first international headquarters in London.


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