Brainshark updates iPad PowerPoint app with improved tracking and collaboration

March 15, 2012

SlideShark v1.5 continues to solve a problem that millions of iPad owners have dealt with: PowerPoint’s lack of compatibility on the market-leading tablet.

SlideShark lets you view and show PowerPoints on the iPad the way they were meant to be seen – preserving fonts, animations, colors and graphics.Since its debut, SlideShark has experienced a groundswell of demand, and it continues to be among the top productivity apps in Apple’s App Store.

With SlideShark v1.5, mobile business pros have the ability to share online versions of their PowerPoint slide decks by email or social media channels (including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) from the app or their online account for on-demand viewing on nearly any device.

In a move that the sales and marketing department will love, Brainshark has also beefed up the user-tracking features. Instant email notifications alert you when your shared presentations are viewed. Users of the SlideShark Plus and Team Edition packages also receive details on who viewed and which slides were viewed.

Additional new features include content management and search capabilities, as well as support for new file types: in addition to .ppt and .pptx files, the app now supports .pps and .ppsx file types. 

 “The updated version of SlideShark is game-changing because it allows mobile professionals not only to view the PowerPoints they rely on, but also to share and track presentations from the iPad while ensuring they play properly for others, regardless of  device,” Brainshark CEO Joe Gustafson stated.

“By offering on-demand viewing and tracking capabilities, users can easily access and share important business content anytime, anywhere – including before a meeting for preparation purposes or after a meeting as a leave-behind – and also obtain valuable insight into how their content is being consumed for effective and timely follow-up.”


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