Britain set to give new iPads to 650 MPs

May 3, 2012

The action, passed today by the House of Commons on the advice of an advisory committee, stipulates that MPs must first trade-in an old laptop or PC to get their hands on the new iPad. Parliamentary officials claim that this process will offset the cost to the taxpayer by about £50,000 ($80,000), and this is based on 100 MPs returning their old laptops.

TabTimes first learnt of plans to roll-out tablets to British MPs back in March, when Sir Alan Haselhurt, chief of the House of Commons committee, revealed that the tablets would be used as a cost-saving measure to save paper, and to improve communications with constituency voters.

Given the expenses scandal of 2009, the decision to grant all 650 British MPs brand new iPads with taxpayer money has not been welcomed in all quarters, with some, including writers from The Daily Mail, questioning if this is a lavish, unnecessary cost.


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