BT engineers swerve the iPad for rugged Windows 8 tablets to get productivity gains

November 12, 2012

Speaking to PC Advisor at a recent press event in London, BT consultant Peter Scott said that the firm started looking at moving across to the new version of Windows after engineers continued to be frustrated by the slow PCs (in this case, running Windows XP) when out on the road.

To tackle the issue, BT held “hot houses” for engineers to try out everything from iPad and Android tablets to traditionally clamshell laptops, with the firm quickly discovering that the engineers wanted a device that booted quickly, was easy to log onto and that worked in both laptop and tablet mode. They also required the device to have a plethora of connectivity options, including WiFi, 3G/4G and Ethernet.

The engineers reportedly decided to use Panasonic's convertible Toughbook tablets, which can be used as a laptop or as a tablet.

And although Windows 8 has only just launched, BT actually started this project in September 2011 as part of Microsoft’s First Wave early adoption scheme and is now said to have deployed 4,500 devices in total.

However with Windows 8 being heralded as the biggest reinvention of the Windows operating since 1995, BT has been forced to call these engineers into office for a short training course on the new OS, as well as to configure all their applications.


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