Buy one sports car, get two free iPad minis: Ferrari taps Apple for in-car entertainment

March 6, 2013
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Ferrari announced the new “LaFerrari” supercar at the Geneva motor show in Switzerland, Europe today, and went onto reveal that the new four-door FF Coupe will come fitted with two iPad minis in the passenger seats for in-car entertainment.

Apple and Ferrari have become closer in recent times, with Apple senior VP of online sales Eddy Cue joining the car maker’s board late last year.  

Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo has also hinted to Bloomberg that the two companies will broaden their relationship in future, but chose not to go into specific details.

The presence of tablets in automobiles isn’t as rare as you might think. A number of drivers have taken to using their cellular models as part-time satellite navigation systems, while Renault even developed its own Android tablet for much the same purpose at the end of 2011. Nissan integrated another tablet into the dashboard of a concept car.

Other car manufacturers have also tried to use tablets as a way of tempting a sale, with Kia and Cadillac handing out free tablets to new car buyers last year, while Ford dealers have been using the iPad to detail their products.


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