BYOD employees are working an extra 20 hours each week for free: study

August 22, 2012

Surveying a sample of 1,200 mobile enterprise workers across the globe, iPass found that a third of these workers never fully disconnect from their technology during their own personal time, with only 8% disconnecting completely while on holiday.

The Mobile Workforce Report also picked up that many workers are working an additional 20 hours for free, but this doesn't seem to faze employees. Indeed, 92% of these folk reported that they “content” with the longer hours and “enjoy the job flexibility”, while a dedicated 42% would like “even greater flexibility for their working practises”.

“BYOD is effectively turning us into a generation of productive workaholics, with many workers seemingly happy to work during their downtime in exchange for flexibility in how and where they work,” said Rene Hendrikse, VP of EMEA at iPass, in a prepared statement.

“Mobile workers want to help their companies stay competitive in a fast-paced and challenging business environment and for this reason nearly half of all businesses are now actively encouraging flexible working."

However, while BYOD seems generally accepted, iPass did go onto add that 18% of employees are now paying for their own mobile data plans, a rise of 6% from a year ago.

The report also mentioned that 67% of mobile workers use video conferencing and video chat mobile applications more than they did in 2011 (Skype led with 70%, followed by Cisco with 30%, FaceTime with 29%). More alarmingly was the revelation that a fifth (19%) of mobile workers did not need to go through any security when accessing corporate data on their smartphones and tablets.


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