BYOD trend could give Windows 8 tablets the edge over the iPad in business: analyst

November 16, 2012

Amid all the talk of consumer spending over the Black Friday and Christmas period at yesterday’s CES Unveiled, a warm-up show for Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show, the topic of tablets in business briefly rose the surface.

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) analyst Steve Koenig may be more familiar with the latest trends in the consumer space, but nonetheless told TabTimes that the increasing number of bring-your-own (BYO) devices in enterprise could give Windows 8 tablets an advantage over iOS.

“Enterprises are having to wrestle with BYOD but that is where there are great hopes for Windows 8, because they [businesses] have a great entrenchment with Microsoft and a familiarity with Office,” said Koenig, the director of industry analysis at CEA, at the press conference in London.

“I think it [Windows 8] is something to look forward to, and I am actually quite bullish about it. Enterprise has had to wrestle with Apple devices so far but I think there’s an opportunity for people to really innovative with Windows 8”.

Such views came just 24 hours after mobile device management (MDM) vendor Zenprise had released details of a new study, which indicated that most of its clients are deploying the iPad on a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) basis.

The vendor did however at the time stress that Android deployments were ahead in certain verticals, like healthcare, and suggested that most businesses are ‘excited’ about the possibilities offered by Microsoft’s latest operating system.

“The arrival of Windows 8 will impact both BYOD and corporate-driven mobile initiatives, but for different reasons,” said Zenprise CEO Amit Pandey in an emailed statement to TabTimes.

“In BYOD scenarios, it will be because consumers want to use the new devices like the Surface tablet and smartphones with Windows 8 and want to use their tried-and-true office or office mobile apps on them.”

Prior to the official release of both the Surface tablet and Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer also jumped in with similar claims, by suggesting that the Surface in particular can benefit from BYOD trend to beat the iPad in the workplace.


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