‘Canabalt’ developer forms new studio to make good games with ‘ethical business models’

March 4, 2014
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Husband and wife developers Rebekah and Adam Saltsman, who have previously worked on games like Canabalt, Fez and Gravity Hook (plus contracted titles like Old Spice Saves the World and Hunger Games: Girl on Fire), announced the new studio today. Their goal is to "collaborate with who we want, when we want, on the games we love." And they're already working on several promising-looking games, details of which can be seen in the studio's announcement.

The studio will not turn to crowdsourcing and will focus on making premium games with "ethical business models," Adam Saltsman wrote.

"At Finji our focus is on making new kinds of games with ethical business models," he said. "People that choose to support our work by purchasing our games are not a resource to be mined. Our goal is to make the best games we can and price them in such a way that our audience can afford to buy them and we can afford to continue making games. Maximizing revenue from our internal IP is not really a priority for us, since we can shore up shortfalls with short-term contract work."

It sounds like Finji is going to become exactly the type of developer the the industry needs these days, especially if they make tablet and smartphone games a focus.


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