‘Candy Crush’ will try again in China with arrival on messaging app WeChat

April 16, 2014
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Messaging services have really taken off as games platforms in Asia, and King hopes to reach more Chinese users on WeChat than Candy Crush's standalone iOS app has.

Currently the game is 65th in China's top-grossing charts, significantly behind where it stands in the US and other territories. One of the problems in China is that Facebook, which Candy Crush uses to generate grassroots-level buzz, is blocked in the country. On WeChat King can sidestep that issue.

Zynga pulled a similar move when it announced recently that Words with Friends is coming to the messaging app Tango.

Asian gamers tend to be much more accepting of free-to-play games than your average gamers in Western countries, but if this doesn't make Candy Crush popular there then King may really be in trouble. (Via The Wall Street Journal)


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