Deliver a great iPad publishing idea to Mag+, win cash prizes

March 8, 2012

People working in six creative industries: books, brochures and catalogues, comic books, editorial, music and movies, and self promotion can submit their digital publishing projects to be eligible to win $1,000 per category.

The “Best in Show” project will be awarded $5,000. The public will also vote via social media for a “People's Choice Winner,” who will pocket $1,000. Winners will also be featured in an upcoming Mag+ marketing campaign.

In addition, Mag+ says it will showcase a Pick of the Month.  “At the end of each month, one Mag+ employee from the internal jury will select their favorite app to highlight with a short video about why it stands out. We will use the video and app in social media and ongoing promotion of the contest. The Mag+ 'Pick of the Month' winner will receive a new, fully loaded iPad,” said Matt Cokeley, creative director, U.S. Mag+.

The contest is not limited to iPads, though the review to device function for Androids will not be available for another few weeks. By the contest’s end, Android devices will be able to instant-review the way the iPad can currently.

The open entry period will last until June 1. A jury of experts will select the final winners, which will be announced on June 20. 

“Giving future designers the opportunity to showcase their work to this elite group is priceless,” said Cokeley. 

The panel includes: Hank Richardson, Director of Design, Portfolio Center; Ted Persson, Chief Creative Officer, Great Works; Scott Alexander, Editor in Chief, American Photo; Bridgid McCarren, Senior Art Director, How Magazine; Kristine Lamanna, Senior Photo Editor, ESPN the Magazine; and Chris Courtney, Global Digital Director, The Tribune Company.

The basic submission guidelines:

  • All submissions must be created using the Mag+ platform.
  • Eligibility to win a category requires an MIB-file to be uploaded.
  • Apps need to have a minimum of five pages with a maximum of 30 pages.
  • Entrants must submit an MIB file along with his/her name, e-mail address and country of residence to the contest website.
  • All work has to be original and submissions cannot be or include copyrighted material.

“With this contest, Mag+ is celebrating creativity across all industries,” Cokeley said. “We are breaking down the barriers by showing these creatives that the possibilities are endless. We also want to inspire creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

"Of course, your work is scrutinized when it is put out there in the public eye, but how does anyone expect to get better without getting honest feedback first?”

Mag+ , which premiered on the first iPads in April 2010 with its Popular Science+ application, says it’s a flexible, efficient platform for publishing creative content on touch-screen tablets. Mag+ now supports more than 100 apps, including those from Outside, IKEA and Maxim.


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