This CEO picks his favorite Windows 8 tablet…and it’s not the Microsoft Surface

April 23, 2013

Writing a blog post on the company’s website, Husting revealed how he managed to pick up the 10.1-inch Iconia W510 for a meagre $399 on the Microsoft Store recently and came away feeling that the device compared favorably with the iPad and Microsoft’s own Surface tablet.

(Note: It's not clear if he has tested the Surface RT, Pro or any other Windows 8 tablets).

“Acer has been giving Microsoft a hard time about Windows 8 and competing in the tablet space against their OEMs – but Acer really doesn’t have any competition here,” wrote Husting.  “This tablet device is excellent for a business decision maker that needs access to corporate applications and documents.”

Husting, who’s firm develops business intelligence apps for enterprise, went onto detail how running Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps on the Windows 8 tablet was a breeze and also expressed how easy it was to save documents to the cloud using Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

Continuing with the cloud focus and Office 365 and specifically SharePoint which really attracted Husting’s interest, while the chief executive went onto not-so subtly promote the firm’s own PushBI app while slamming the quality of other business apps.

“If you are looking for something that will easily work for your business on day one, you almost have no reason to pick this device up and the sweet price of $399 makes it a no-brainer,” he concluded.


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