The CEO of ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ studio PopCap is retiring, says report

January 2, 2014

Roberts joined the studio in 2005. Co-founder John Vechey will replace him as PopCap CEO, and fellow co-founder Jason Kapalka will leave the company at the same time, though he'll remain a consultant, GamesBeat learned.

PopCap is well-liked for games like BejeweledPlants vs. Zombies, and Peggle. It released several games, including the iPad-exclusive Plants vs. Zombies 2, in 2013. PopCap was purchased by EA in 2011, and there have been changes at the studio since then. Now, though, it will focus again on creating games rather than publishing, GamesBeat said.

Vechey told the site that Roberts was a great "business leader"—he raised millions in venture capital and engineered the sale to EA—but with Vechey in charge the studio will focus more on making new, original games with new IP.

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